Same ‘Ole Congress

For those who don’t know me, I consider myself a fiscally conservative kind of guy who can’t stand either of our major political parties.  The professional politicians don’t really legislate but do a lot of bickering;  I do think their main strength is their outstanding job of wasting our time and money.

Case in point is where the Democrats wasted a lot of money and time impeaching President Trump for delaying funding to the Ukraine, but here they are playing games in passing some type of stimulus funding – essentially, they are delaying funding the American people.  Isn’t that worse than what they alleged Trump did?  And, to be on the record before you continue reading this post and attempt to label me, I don’t care for President Trump as a person.  Love him or hate him I will admit he is one of the rare politicians who has done what he said he was going  to do.

Millions of people have suddenly lost their job either permanently or temporarily, and small and large businesses are looking at potentially declaring bankruptcy and closing for good due to the shutdown of the economy.  Last weekend, I was shocked to hear something happened that I don’t believe has happened since 9/11: Democrats and Republicans were actually working together and had hammered out agreement on about $900 million in stimulus funding that would help out those who need it.  People you know.  Good things like direct payment to households who really need it, a huge increase in spending for supplies to fight the coronavirus, changes to the tax code for those impacted, and some type of extension / change to existing unemployment benefits.

And then the Democratic “leadership” started playing games….and not one Democrat voted “yes” to move this along.  They pulled back the curtain and showed their true colors: they don’t care about their constituents, but they do care about appearances to the very loud extreme portion of those who call themselves Democrats.  We can’t hurt their feelings but we can damn sure hurt everyone else.  Remember that come election time.

Then the Democrats promoted their “new” version of stimulus funding, and the $900 million suddenly jumped to over $2.5 trillion.  What does an additional $1.6 trillion (give or take) get you in an effort to fight the coronavirus?  Here are a few examples:

    • The elimination of $11 billion of post office debt.
    • If an airline accepts any funding, they would also have to agree to somehow reduce their overall emissions by 50%.
    • Airports must purchase specific, yet unidentified, equipment that is more environmentally friendly than they are today (bet you the soon-to-be-identified equipment is manufactured by a Democratic party sponsor).
    • $635 million for the promotion of the arts – $35 million for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (that is in Washington, D.C.), $300 million for the National Endowment of the Humanities, and $300 million for the National Endowment of the Arts.
    • Pension relief for certain employees of community newspapers.
    • Around $1 billion for the return of Obamaphones.
    • $800 to $900 billion for eliminating a minimum of $10,000 of school debt for anyone who has an outstanding school loan, with no consideration for those who paid off their debts or did not incur debt.
    • Significant changes to voter registration laws; not surprising, it is slanted towards enrolling more Democrat-leaning voters who may not be citizens of the United States.
    • All sorts of diversity reporting for those companies receiving aid that seems rather pointless.
    • Probably 1,001 other things we won’t know about until they pass it.

I’m not real sure how this helps the working families the Democratic party claims to represent.

Come on, Congress!  Legislate!

If someone could give me a fact-based answer on how any of the above bullet points truly helps in the effort to contain and stop the coronavirus / COVID-19, I’m all ears.


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2 thoughts on “Same ‘Ole Congress”

  1. Business as usual for congress. I’m sure that eliminating the post office debt will help with coronavirus relief efforts!!!

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