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Rather than a post about one particular topic, I have a few random things just to set the stage for either comments below or I may expand them to longer discussions soon.  As always, your comments and feedback are welcome no matter if you agree with me or not!

US Politics

I was in London two weeks ago for work and met up with some old friends while I was there.  Some were Americans who have been working in the UK while others are UK citizens.  I was over there when they had the latest Brexit vote, and it was interesting to see the protestors and see the local news before, during, and after the vote.

Not so surprising, people in the UK dislike the politicians of all parties about as much as many of the people I know here in the USA do – all with the same comments of the politicians don’t care about their constituents and are only in it for themselves.  Sounds like a universal thing.

By the way, they also agree the US political system is nuts…

It’s Worse Than a Junior High

The Democrats have really taken a hard turn to the left, and I wish many of them would have read the first post on this site (click here to see it) or really understood what the voting public want.  I’m tired of the temper tantrums in public in order to look “cool” to the apparent psychos who are their supporters.  Nancy Pelosi, in my opinion, acted like a revengeful 7th grader by disinviting Trump to deliver the State of the Union address as the “shutdown” impacted security. Give me a break.

Then again, Trump hasn’t helped things by acting like a spoiled brat and being a bully.  We need some adults in the room.

Is anyone besides me ready to have term limits for all members of Congress?  We do for President, so why not the legislative branch?

Mueller Investigation

I had my doubts at the beginning as I remember Ken Starr’s Clinton investigation being a political witch hunt with all of the leaks and rumors, but I’m actually impressed with how close Mueller has kept his cards to the vest.  While we have only seen stuff unrelated to Russia in indictments and sentencing, you do have to wonder what will come.  I’m glad Trump didn’t fire him and let it run its course.

If Mueller is able to prove collusion between Trump and Russia, there will be Hell to pay.  If he is not, there will still be Hell to pay as everyone seems to have already made up their mind.

My advice (which no one listens to), is for everyone to give it a rest and quit speculating: when the investigation is over it’s over and you can’t do anything about it until the fat lady sings.  Republicans, if there is solid evidence quit playing the party line and do the right thing.  Democrats, if there is not, give it a rest and try to do the job you were elected to do.


I read on CNN this week Hillary Clinton is “leaving the door open” for another potential run for President in 2020.  Please don’t, most of us would like someone fresh with new ideas.

The Government Shutdown

Not to sound callous or unfeeling to those who did not receive a paycheck with the latest schoolyard squabble called the Government Shutdown….

Depending on who you ask, between 250,000 – 350,000 federal government workers were impacted and may or may not have been working but, regardless if working or not, they did not receive a paycheck as they were deemed “nonessential.”  In any other industry but federal, state, or local government there really is no such thing as a nonessential worker: if you are nonessential you probably don’t have a job in the first place.  Applying that logic, why are we paying 250,000 – 350,000 people to “work” at something that contributes nothing?

I do not, however, understand how TSA agents are considered nonessential and couldn’t be paid.  As I looked at my receipt for my airfare to/from London I mentioned above, I was very surprised at how many taxes and fees were tacked on to the ticket’s price.  Included in it was 9/11 security, TSA, and other security fees that allegedly pay for TSA agents, screening, etc.  The government considered it essential for me to fund critical positions which are allegedly “nonessential” and not pay the people I was being taxed to pay?

Super Bowl

I’m not watching the Super Bowl this year, probably for the first time ever in my life.  Let me summarize the reasons why:

  • I’m really tired of the Patriots. Besides, the coach cheats (Spygate) and the quarterback cheats (Deflategate).  The quarterback also whines a lot to the media.
  • I’m convinced the NFL really wanted the Patriots back in the Super Bowl and still hate the Saints because of the old bounty problem from years ago.
  • How do you explain the non-call when the Saints receiver was trying to make a catch near the goal line two refs saw plain as day?
  • I’m also convinced the NFL really wanted LA vs. New England in the Super Bowl and not the Chiefs or Saints. Why?  LA, for example, is a much larger TV / marketing area than the state of Kansas despite the KC quarterback being one of the most exciting new stories in the NFL (and no controversies or nudie pics leaked on social media – yet).  Besides, most of the refs live in the LA area and made it happen with a bunch of non-calls and bogus calls.

OK, enough rambling for now…have a great rest of your week!


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