Who is Michael P. Gallagher?

This is not the radio host or “conservative” political commentator.  Michael is a random gray-haired accountant living in Texas with his family and has been blogging in some form or fashion for over ten years.  This site is an attempt to start to put it in one place

What's the Story?

This blog is about anything that interests me at the moment – there is no set agenda, and comments are welcome as long as people keep it civil.  This is a weekly-ish blog where I share my opinions on life, business, family, friends, government, and whatever else may strike my fancy – it has started as an offshoot to another blog I host that somehow reaches over 125,000 people daily.  This blog started in November 2018.

I really don’t care if you agree with me or not but if you don’t, at least come back with facts, valid reasons, and respecting different opinions: who knows, you may change someone's mind!  In today’s world, my friends and I are very tired of each side shouting down the other and trying to kick them to the curb if they don’t agree 100% as, after all, life should be about compromises.

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